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Not too long ago, if you were known as a “rapper” you were automatically stereotyped and categorized as one type of genre. It was assumed that you as a “rapper” talked, walked, dressed and acted a certain way. You were either accepted by your peers or exit out. Now, a new wave has taken over. What was not accepted in the past is now acknowledged. There are no longer limits. Borders have been crossed and music lovers have embraced the “rappers” of today.
MRNES is a part of this new waive. He’s creating his own music lane with his unique style, choice of lyrics and flow. Good music is undeniable. MRNES has redefined the term “rapper” and has taken this method of music and has transformed it into his own. He brings a new flavor to the music world. He’s sound can be described as Wiz Khalifa meets Fabulous with a twist of B.O.B. MRNES’s mission is to capture the soul that lives in music and create tunes that many can relate to and enjoy listening too for years to come.
MRNES is currently in the studio finishing his upcoming album titled “THE BONEFACE”. It’s expected to drop in the near future. For further information, contact MRNES at (201)362-9635

N.E.S. is a relatively new face in the New York Latino music scene who is quickly making a name for himself by connecting to and collaborating with well respected and and popular artist including: Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine, Daddy Yankee and Alexis Y Fido. From being an artist to the CEO of SmoothFellaz Records; an independent label committed to artist development, N.E.S has poised himself as his own entertainment machine


Throughout the journey of life, there are a vast number of things that cross our path and come our way. These things, both new and or reoccurring arrive from all different directions; making contact head on, from behind, and at times some distance away from our peripheral vision to inspire and move us.The result of this inspiration, especially the kind of great significance produces an effect so strong that it has the potential to fuel the very steps we take. This is extraordinarily true of hip-hop artist, N.E.S., whose steps have taken him along his journey to strive for nothing but success. Born in the Dominican Republic, to then commute to the United States, N.E.S. spent most of his youth growing up in Washington Heights, New York. While in New York, he drew inspiration from his environment and day to day experiences. His perception of what took place around him and the opportunities he saw in those experiences were what planted the seeds of change to help him grow into who he was destined to become. However, it wasn't until N.E.S. had the chance to see the classic hip-hop movie, "Juice" that his actual development began. Awe struck by the scene of the infamous DJ battle in the movie, N.E.S. believed reaching out to people through music was something that he not only excel at but involve himself with as well.As his love for music and his desire to communicate to others increased, N.E.S. went through a series of transitions to get him where he is today. This avid music listener, former DJ and crowd hype man metamorphosed into an emcee whose skills would go onto create feel good, all-encompassing music that reaches a wider audience. With influences including NAS, Big Pun, Biggie, Eminem, Jay-Z and Big L, N.E.S. uses his experiences and love for his Dominican culture to give life back to the genre of music recently thought of as dead. With already going through and accomplishing a considerable amount, N.E.S. understands where his steps lead him is just the beginning.He has opened and worked with artists like Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine, Daddy Yankee, Alexis Y Fido, Mobb Deep, Capone-N-Norega, T.O.K, Lil Wayne, Don Omar, Akon, DJ Kahled, 112, Cassedy, State Property, Jowell y Randy, Rick Ross, Fulanito, Foxy Brown, Mims, Arcangel, De La Ghetto, Prodigy, Omarion, Christina Milian, B2K, Pitbull, Hector and Titto, Don Chezina, Fabolous, Nina Sky, Angie Martinez, Nicky Jam, Remy Ma and Busta Rhymes to name few. In the mind and eyes of N.E.S., success is just a matter of moving forward... Feel free to move with him as he moves! QuoteThank you father for letting me wake up another day!you are a true god


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